The Process

Go to Court.
Told by Judge to come back to Court every day for 5 weeks.
Disrupt everything in normal life.
Listen to Good vs. Evil for 4 weeks.
Deliberations for over 30 hours.
Defendant GUILTY.
Feel guilty.
Go home.
Get drunk.
Feel relieved.
Try to put back together all the pieces of my shattered being.


Lucky Number 7

Pauly Shore LIED TO ME! He implied that being on Jury Duty was a great experience. Like a party. Fun all the time. Hot babes everywhere. WRONG!

On 2004/11/22, my day off, I was called upon as a citizen to do my civic duty to show for a Jury Panel. How is that different that being an actual Juror? Jury Panel members get to get the f*ck out of Jury Duty and go back home to their normal lives and not have to see and hear nasty things about other people. There were approximately 300-400 people called to the Panel, and I was Lucky Number Seven to get appointed as a Juror. Why me? I'm one of those unfortunate people with enough intelligence to realize that I must know all the facts before forming an opinion. Also, another reason for it is that since I hate my hicksville hometown so much I don't much pay attention to our local celebrities and so on, so I didn't really have a clue about the "famous" athlete who may or may not have brutally murdered his ex-girlfriend.

Yes, it's a murder trial. Which involves crying witnesses, gory crime scene and autopsy photos, and knowing way more than you would ever need or want to know about a person's personal life and moral character. And guess what? We are expected to give a verdict on 2004/12/24. Xmas Eve. Merry F*cking Xmas!

Now, don't get me wrong it is kind of cool in a way knowing that you get to be a part of something and have a life experience that so few others get to have in their lifetime. You actually get to be a part of the legal process that so many of us bitch about in our normal lives. Whether it's Guilty or Innocent, you know how you got to that verdict and you believe it to be true based on the evidence presented to you.

On the other hand though, you have to look at and hear of evidence that no one ever expects, or in most cases ever will see. The most low and depraved acts that mankind has to offer, and you're not allowed to talk about it. Even if you were legally permitted to discuss the intricacies of the trial you wouldn't bother because no one else would understand where you are coming from. Why? Because you know that they have never had to do the same kind of emotional chore because Jury Duty on a murder trial is so rare.

I can't wait until Xmas day, when I wake up knowing that the whole mess is over although I know that the experience will never leave me. That's enough of a gift for me, I think.