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My Funky Valentine

My lovely boy gave me the nicest gift for Valentine's Day. A tattoo! Here are all the gory details...

I'll go in chronological order, to make things simple. Also, Sparky is not my boyfriend's real name but a pet name I have for him. I would slap a parent senseless for giving a child such a cruel name. But you know, it's cute when I do it.

1. This is our tattooist Jesse. He was super friendly and had a great portfolio. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. I'm so lame. I made him his own ad.

2. My Sparky went first, because he's so brave and I'm such a chickenshit. I already have a tattoo and I've been through it before. That was 6 years ago though, so I had forgotten that type of pain. My brave, brave boy. This is Jesse applying the stencil.

3. Here's the work in progress. Think I scared Jesse with the flash? I really didn't mean to, I swear. Seriously. I don't want him having spots in his eyes when putting something permanently on my boy's body.

4. Ah, the finished product. Isn't it lovely? Of course, right after this picture was taken Sparky stood up too quickly and passed out. I'm not joking. He said "Uh oh. I can't see," then wobbled. Jesse promptly grabbed his right arm, I grabbed his left, and Jesse kicked the chair behind him just in time for my Sparky to fall into it. Apparently most neck tattoos result in someone passing out, no matter how strong and immune to pain they are. You see, it's not the pain. It's the endorphins your brain produces and blood collecting in the head from leaning forward for so long. Then, when everything overloads, you're down for the count. I was doing well with my nervousness up until this point.

5. The next day, after some healing time.

6. Something I put together to show the journey a bit. Original Capricorn symbols to conceptual drawings I came across, then the final modified product. We thought it best to modify things to make it truly unique for us. Now don't go stealing it! Seriously. I would have to hurt you if I found out. I really mean it. I'm not kidding.

7. This is my completed stencil. It took 4 tries to get it in the right place. Apparently my spine is somewhat curved, so it made things a little difficult. That comes with the territory of being an Amazon in regards to height. Well, almost damnit. Being an Amazon would be hella cool.

8. We're about half way done with mine now. Only moments after this picture was taken I followed in my boy's footsteps and fainted. I was doing great with the pain, but again those silly endorphins foiled my plans. I really wanted to NOT go unconscious. On the other hand, it made the tattooing even more of a bonding experience than we had planned. Ah, life's little surprises.

9. All done! Which is great since the pain was a lot worse after that little dance with my ability to remain conscious. The body had time to heal when I took my twenty minutes to recover, and by that time the endorphins were no longer being produced, making the pain more intense. Boy, my skin looks angry at me.

10. The next day. Just enough time for my poor skin to forgive me. Well, almost. We've made up since then though so no need to fret.

11. Again, from the original Aries symbols to the conceptual drawing then the end result, which I'm absolutely thrilled about!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you've had your bedtime story now. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures and the commentary. Let me know what you think!